Grace Meets Strength

Dive into Acro Dance!

Acro dance masterfully merges traditional dance techniques like ballet with intricate acrobatics. Gaining prominence in competitive dance, it challenges dancers to embody both the elegance of ballet and the precision of gymnastics. At our studio, we champion acro not just for its spectacle but for its ability to enhance a dancer's flexibility, vital for many ballet positions.


Our dedication to acro dance emerges from its incredible blend of discipline and creativity.

We’ve watched this style grow in popularity, understanding its unique challenges and rewards.

Witnessing our students master the graceful transitions between acrobatic feats and dance moves is a testament to our commitment to this art form.


While acrobatics plays a pivotal role, acro dance is a dance at its core.

We ensure our students capture its essence, emphasising smooth transitions and expressive storytelling.

Whether you’re a gymnast or not, our studio nurtures each dancer to unveil their full acro potential.

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Witness growth in dance and acrobatics.

Joining our acro class offers more than skill acquisition; it’s a journey of self-discovery, strength, grace, and boundless creativity.