Moves and Iconic Grooves

Dance Like Pop Royalty!

Modern Commercial, often known as Street dance, dominates today's dance scene, energised by icons like Diversity and Flawless. It's a vibrant style, empowering dancers to interact and improvise on-the-spot. From B-boying to popping & locking, its diverse sub-genres cater to varied tastes. At BDS, Birmingham's finest talents share their craft, ensuring you groove like the greats.


BDS has watched the meteoric rise of Street dance, celebrating its unbridled energy and communal spirit.

Through collaborations with Birmingham’s best, we’ve become a hub for modern movers.


Our studio thrives on Street’s infectious energy.

Here, dance isn’t just movement, it’s a dialogue—between dancers, spectators, and the rhythm itself.

Embrace the improvisation.

Discover Diverse Dance Dimensions

Unveil a world where every step narrates a story, every move sparks a connection. 

Become part of the dance revolution.

With BDS, you don’t just learn steps. You immerse in culture, connect with brilliant people, and redefine modern dance boundaries.