Moseley Stage Dance Festival Nov 23

What a festival.

And what a brilliant number of results.

Results are as followed 
                  Piper Stone             A  Acro Solo            2nd 
                  lilliemae & leximai        Junior Cabaret Duet       1st
                  Under the Sea          Primary Cabaret Troupe    2nd 
                  Tahlia Goodwin          B Lyrical Solo            2nd 
                  Leximai WH            B Lyrical Solo            3rd 
                  Lacey Howard           B Lyrical Solo            4th 
                  Everlee Hallam          Baby Modern           2nd 
                  Paige Antill             C Modern Solo          3rd
                  Paige Antill             C Lyrical Solo            2nd 
                  Esme Kinsey            D Contemporary Solo      3rd 
                  Paige & Martha         Cabaret Duet Inter         1st 
                  Laila & Leyla            Cabaret Duet Inter        2nd 
                  Jamie Taylor           F Lyrical Solo              2nd 
                  Skyla Shemsin          F Lyrical Solo               3rd 
                  Chloe Kemp            F Lyrical Solo              4th 
                         Lacey, Lacey & Eleanor    Junior Classical Trio       1st 
                  Chloe Kemp                        F Acro Solo              1st 
                  Lacey, Lacey & Eleanor  Junior Cabaret Trio        2nd 
                  Laila, Paige & Gracie     Inter Cabaret Trio         2nd 
                  Laila, Paige & Gracie     Inter Cabaret Trio         3rd 
                  Jamie Taylor           F Modern Solo            2nd 
                  Chloe Kemp           F Modern Solo                4th 
                  Angelica Ward         G Modern Solo                        1st
                  Skyla Shemsin         F Song & Dance Solo       2nd 
                  Leyla Benzing          D Acro Solo              1st 
                  Izzy, Jess & Lucy                Senior Cabaret Trio                 1st 
                  Cuba                 Open Cabaret Troupe            1st 
                  Showstopper          Open Cabaret Troupe       2nd 
                  Coming Home         Open Cabaret Troupe           3rd 
                  Jessica Howard         Baby Ballet Solo                    2nd 
                  Eleanor Worvill         B Ballet Solo             3rd 
                  Leximai WH            B Acro Solo              2nd 
                  Eleanor Worvill         B Acro Solo             3rd 
                  Paige Antill            C Acro Solo                3rd 
                  Lillie mae George       C Acro Solo               4th 
                  Leyla & Laila           Classical Inter Duet        1st 
                  Paige Antill            C Song & Dance Solo       2nd 
                  Laila Mansell           C Song & Dance Solo       3rd 
                  Chloe & Jamie          Senior Cabaret Duet        2nd 
                  One Last Wish          Inter Classical Troupe      1st 
                  Chloe, Jamie & Angelica Open Cabaret Trio         1st 
                  Chloe, Jamie & Soraya   Open Cabaret Trio         2nd 
                  Isabelle Boyce          E Lyrical Solo             3rd 
                  Chloe, Jasmine & Jamie  Senior Classical Trio         1st 
                  Paige, Emilka & Laila     Inter Classical Trio          2nd 
                  Skyla & Angelica        Open Cabaret Duet         1st 
                  Chloe Kemp           F Ballet Solo              1st 
                  Crystis                Inter Cabaret Troupe       1st
                  Proud Mary            Inter Cabaret Troupe        3rd 
                  When you Believe       Inter Cabaret Troupe               4th 
                  Get your Freak on       Senior Cabaret Troupe           2nd 
                  Overall Trophies               Bellagio Dance Studios
                  Highest Mark Inter Duet      Martha & Paige 
                  Highest Mark Open Duet     Angelica & Skyla 
                  Highest Mark Senior Trio     Jasmine Chloe & Jamie 
                  Highest Mark Open Trio            Angelica Chloe & Jamie 
                  Choreography Award        Crystis 
                  Highest Mark Troupe Open    Cuba
                  Highest Mark Troupe Inter    Crystis  

We are so very VERY proud of you all. Keep winning in life, girls.